Thursday, July 20, 2017

Follow Heather As She Creates A Makerspace In Their Library!

My sister, Heather Fox, has been up a whole lot of fun in the Amana Elementary Library this summer.  
As you remember, she kicked off Makerspaces by adding a Makerspace Cart to her library last year. 
I just love how she repurposed the old book cart and brought so much creativity, collaboration and inspiration to her community.  

You can read all about Heather and their Makerspace cart here
Well, now she is taking that cart and spreading her Makerspace into a room close to the library.

Last week she called me and we Facetimed while she was in the room.
We talked about the closet and how she could turn that into storage and a supply place...even taking off a couple of those doors to open it up.
 I love the colors she is painting and the vision she has.
This sweet little table is even going to be their new LEGO table.  How cool is that?

Heather, we love what you are doing in your library.  I can't wait to come see it this weekend and watch as you transform this space into an amazing new Makerspace for your community.  

Have You Upgraded To The NEW Destiny 15.0? Find Out What You Are In For With The New Updates !

This afternoon I watched the Follett webinar about everything new in Destiny 15.0 with Don Rokusek and Bruce Hamilton from Follett School Solutions.  

After spending time with Don yesterday in the Follett office and learning even more about these amazing updates, I couldn't wait to watch this and polish up my Destiny skills even more.  
There are lots of new updates with Destiny Discover in this new update.  

One of my favorite is the new Collections!  

This will enable us to curate collections of resources; create more collaborative opportunities between the teacher and teacher librarians; find what others have created to use as our own; and so much more including...
being able to share these rich, beautiful Collections of resources with your district and publicly too.

You can watch this video to find out more about Collections and read my post here

A couple things you will need to remember....

The new Collections functionality requires Destiny Discover and Destiny 15.0.   You will want to make sure you have updated your Destiny. 

As you kick off the new school, make sure you start to introduce Destiny Discover to students and teachers as the primary Destiny catalog search interface. 

This is very important as it has the amazing updated features that you will want to make sure they are familiar with and use too. 
You will love all of the new features and feel of Destiny Discover.  

The Collections ribbon will be super helpful to our students and teachers as it will direct them to all of those wonderful Collections we will be creating and using. 
One more thing I know you will love!  

In August, there is an update coming which will bring student reviews to Destiny Discover.  

These will support video reviews and book trailers that students submit.  This means that a digital book trailer using a digital tool like Buncee can be added to the book review within Destiny Discover too. 

I can't tell you how long I have wanted a tool like this.  Awesome update, Follett!  This is going to make such a difference and impact on our students and school community. 
Even if you were not able to attend the webinar today, you can get to it within Follett Community at this link.  
And you won't want to miss....Collections By Destiny with Jason See on July 27 too!  You can register for that one here

Dots, Frames and A Little Surprise For This Special Dot Day Project Using Buncee!

With Dot Day coming up on September, I have been brainstorming all kinds of ideas to celebrate.

Last week, my friends at Buncee and I did a litttle of our own!

Meagan, one of the amazing designers at Buncee, has been creating a few new assets that will be perfect for Dot Day.
You will find the Dots in the Colors category of stickers and...
...the beautiful new frames in the Frames category.

If you wonder why Dots and Frames are needed for this project, watch The Dot by Peter Reynolds and get ready for Dot Day on September 15 too!   

You can sign up and learn more on the Dot Day site. 

More to come in a few days on how all of you can contribute to this very special Buncee project too!