Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sign Up Today To Be Part Of Buncee Buddies...Earth Day 2017!

The Buncee Buddies Earth Day 2017 event has been announced!  This is a wonderful way for you and your students to connect to others around the world as we celebrate our Earth and learn cultural awareness.

Buncee's goal for this project is to connect classrooms on every continent to celebrate what unites us, while also embracing cultural differences! 

As the Buncee website states,

Buncee Buddies is a digital pen pal program that connects classrooms to build friendships, discuss ideas, and share Buncees based on a prompt. 
For the spring of 2017, Buncee Buddies classrooms will be celebrating Earth Day! 
You can sign up to participate in this event here
And read all of the details about this very special event in the Buncee Buddies Earth Day 2017 post.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Special For AASL Members....Take The Project Connect Digital Citizenship Microcredential Course & Get A 10% Discount

One of the most important jobs of teacher librarians is that of being the person who advocates, teaches and celebrates the leadership and specialized knowledge librarians have within the library, school and community.
Follett developed Project Connect to support and develop librarians as these district leaders so our students can learn modern research techniques, learn digital literacy and embrace 21st century skills they can apply to every subject and skill.

To go hand-in-hand with Project Connect, Follett has kicked off an amazing professional development program for librarians and all educators called Microcredentials.  

These online courses help create powerful library and school leadership to address critical educational challenges with a future ready approach. 

They were developed with Mark Ray on behalf of Project Connect and Future Ready.
Currently, there are two courses available.  The Educational Leadership microcredential course which is a free mini course and introduction to school librarianship and...
the Digital Citizenship microcredential course.  

As we continue to support Future Ready Librarians, libraries and students, Follett and AASL have teamed up to provide a special offer to its membership.  Member can get 10% off the Digital Citizenship microcredential course.
Here are the details of the special member discount that AASL announced....
Follett's Support of AASL's ESSA Efforts Continues with a Special Offer for AASL Members

Introducing Microcredentials

Interested in developing a vision and plan to promote digital learning in your library? Want to take a free online course to do just that? Check out Follett’s first ever Microcredential courses for future ready librarians. Learn more at

As a librarian do you feel future ready?

Future-ready librarians work with district leaders to promote innovative learning opportunities for students. But where do you start? Follett has teamed up with a panel of experts, and together with Project Connect, has launched Professional Development courses for librarians. These online Micro Credential courses help librarians and other educators develop a vision and plan that promotes digital learning in their library. Learn more

To redeem your 10% discount on Follett's Digital Citizenship course, please log into the AASL website and visit AASL VIP.

Library First Impressions.....What Does Yours Say?

When our students, teachers, parents and community come to the library we want them to feel excited, comfortable, happy, creative, safe and welcome from the start.
As Future Ready Librarians we want to cultivate community partnerships and design collaborate spaces to support the learning, collaboration and creativity of our communities.  Our libraries can achieve this and from the moment anyone steps through the door, we must capture this enthusiasm and desire to be part of the community cultivated here.

A library first impression means a lot and with a little creativity and passion, all of us can create this meaningful beginning just like Robin Williams,
 Krisi Harwood,
 Katie Smith Capshaw,
 Joyce Valenza,
 Sue Kowalski,
 Lori Riedel,
 Victoria Hussein and...
James Allen.  
When I asked this question in our Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group, our friends above shared their library entrances and doors, along with dozens of others.  It was so powerful to see everyones space and the impression these make.  

You can see this post here....and please add yours if you haven't yet. We'd love to see your library entrance too.  
And we started a Pinterest Board to share these library entrances and more too.  You will find School Library Doors and Entrances here....If you'd like to be a collaborator, let me know and I will add you.

Remember....first impressions mean a lot.  What does your library first impression say?